Carb Cycling Weightloss

Carbohydrates, sometimes called carbs, are an ongoing hot topic now. Some nutritional experts are starting to associate them with problems such as inflammation, diabetes and obesity. However, others continue to insist that they are an essential part of our daily diet.

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Carb cycling relies on increasing and decreasing carbohydrate intake on different days of the week.
There are high-carb days and low-carb days as well as days on which no carbs are eaten at all.
When you try carb cycling, you can eat carbohydrates if they’re from a clean source.
The cycling allows the body to use fat more effectively as a fuel instead of burning muscle tissue and carbs.
We’ll take a closer look at what carb cycling is all about.
We’ll look at how you can get started and how to determine whether it’s right for you.
This will allow you to make a well-informed decision.

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